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Your Ultimate Travel Marketing Guide

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With the rise of e-commerce within the travel and tourism industry, several online travel websites have bloomed. To compete with online travel websites like Expedia, Hotwire, Priceline, etc., and to stand out amongst them, make your travel website informative and interesting.

Travel Guide

Creating a compelling travel marketing guide for your website is not rocket science, you just need to keep a few points in mind to make your website stand out! Understand your target customers’ needs and make your website user-friendly to acquire customers. Avoid the bugs which might annoy your customers and make your website attractive enough to grab their attention and optimize conversions.

The booming online travel industry is such a relief for all the travel enthusiasts. With the evolution of travel websites, planning trips and booking hotels have become easier. To avoid the time-consuming task of booking a holiday offline, many people now research and book holidays online. Customers are just a few clicks away from embarking on their trip with the help of online travel websites.

Do you want your customers to have an amazing experience with your travel website?

Try implementing the following steps to make your travel website holiday-season friendly:

Effective steps to make travel website holiday-season friendly- Infographic

  • Change the colour of your logo

Colours have the power to influence people. The right use of colour on a website logo can have a powerful psychological impact on your customer base. Statistics say that 80% of customers believe colours have an impact on brand recognition.

The logo is the face of a brand or company; its colour reflects the company’s personality. Designers should pay close attention when crafting a website logo. You can make your website logo holiday-season friendly by changing its colour. Experiment with bright and happy colours to make your travel website evoke happy and positive vibes.

  • Update the colour of your website

The visual appearance of a website can have a tremendous impact on a customer’s purchase decision. So, make sure the colours on your website are not dull. Colour schemes determine how customers interact with a website. Therefore, designers should play around with the right colours to make your website holiday-season friendly and engage customers.

According to a study by Google, you can influence a user’s opinion of a website within the first 50 milliseconds. In these initial 50 milliseconds, it is the colour of the website which creates an impression in the visitors’ mind. The right website colour evokes emotion, so ensure your travel website is visually compelling by using vibrant colours which will capture the holiday mood perfectly.

  • Highlight activities and events by season

Enthusiastic travellers will be interested enough to stay on your travel website if you offer them valuable information about the seasonal activities and events being held at various holiday destinations. Your website content should highlight these details to make your travel website holiday-season friendly.

  • Upload picturesque views and tour videos

A travel-friendly website is incomplete without picturesque views and tour videos. Your website should evoke the holiday mood. Images and videos of various holiday destinations evoke this feeling. So, use them to enhance your travel website and help your customers get a feel for the holiday destinations.

As well as implementing the above steps, take care of your website’s landing page.

Do you know how powerful the landing page of a travel website is?

An attractive landing page will help you to interest and drive customers.

Understand your target customers and identify their needs and requirements. Thereafter, realign the elements of your landing page accordingly to convert your leads into customers. The perfect landing page on a travel website should contain details about holiday packages, booking details, information about travel itineraries, photos and videos, Google map integration, pricing, payment options, trust badges, testimonials and contact details.

If you have all these elements on your website’s landing page, this will optimize conversions and help to boost your travel business.

Additionally, you can offer incentives to your customers to satisfy them and motivate them to purchase holiday packages from your website. Remember that happy customer’s fuel business growth. So, prioritize your customers’ needs and requirements to make them happy.

Now, here are the best hacks to win customers!

  • Travel coupons

Customers feel elated when they are offered travel coupons. There are various travel websites which offer travel coupons to tempt and win their customers.

  • Discount codes

When customers save on flight bookings, hotel bookings, travel packages, etc., it gives them satisfaction. Huge discounts on travel expenditure are absolute bliss for customers!

  • Freebies

You can offer your customers freebies for purchasing vacation packages from your travel website. This will make your customers happy and help to retain them. If your customers get freebies, they will surely visit your website again for future bookings.

  • Currency converter

To acquire global customers, set a currency converter on your travel website. This will ensure that the payment process is smooth for all your customers.

  • Language converter

Think about setting up a language converter on your travel website. With this feature, your global customers will be able to read your website content in their local language. Think global and drive global customers to increase your travel business growth.

Your Ultimate Travel Marketing Guide - Simple Image

These effective tactics will facilitate the growth of your business.

While implementing these powerful strategies, make sure you don’t commit any errors which might cost you your conversions. Often travel websites fail to prosper due to certain fundamental errors.

Here is a list of five mistakes that could make your prospective customers abandon your travel website:

  1. Slow site speed

If your travel website takes a long time to load, it will annoy your prospective customers. They will feel insecure about the payment process on your website if the site speed is slow. Also, poor site speed makes a website less trustworthy. Avoid this error to enhance customer satisfaction.

  1. Not mobile-friendly

In the age of smartphones, savvy customers will not visit your website if it isn’t mobile-friendly. A travel flash report by Criteo stated that more than one-third of people book hotel rooms online via their mobile device. So, if your travel website is not mobile-friendly, you’ll lose customers.

  1. Lack of information

If your travel website does not contain adequate information, your customers will lose interest in your site.

  1. Hidden charges

It is highly annoying for customers when they are not offered clear pricing details and are charged extra later in the transaction. When customers are not provided with clear details on a travel website, it becomes difficult for them to trust that site.

  1. Insufficient payment options

When customers do not have flexible payment options on a travel website, they may abandon that site and look for other travel websites where the payment gateway is smoother.

If you commit any of these mistakes, you might lose your conversions!

Avoid these common errors and follow our powerful hacks to offer your customers the best experience when booking their next holiday!

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