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Why Having an E-book Can Increase Your Conversion

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In 2017, 266 million e-books were sold, this has risen from a mere 69 million in the year 2010.

So, we know how many were sold. Can you guess how many were written and published? 148,311! This number only takes into account-books that were self-published in the last six years.

By the end of 2018, the total global revenue from e-books is supposed to reach 20 billion USD. One in three American and Australian people have read at least one e-book in the past year. And a survey held in 2016 with 2500 Australian small and medium scale business owners revealed that e-books remained one of the top three lead generating channels for digital marketing.


ebook increases conversion simple

Therefore, we know the result; e-books can have a huge influence.

But why and how?

First of all, let’s look at ‘why’:

  1. The most engaging content marketing channel:

Being a prominent part of content marketing, along with blogs, guest posts, white papers, case studies, interview journals and newsletters etc., e-books are one of the most rapid traffic conversion methods.

Now, why so? Well, Google believes that, on average, pages, where readers are spending four or more minutes, have more helpful content and good dwelling times. Blogs of 2,500 words are quality content according to Google. 80,000 to 100,000 words is the average length of a good e-book.

Also, unlike a blog page, a downloadable-book gives a visitor an overall view of a particular subject which helps build customer loyalty.

An e-book generally does not come at the first step of an online marketing funnel. That means that an e-book is generally offered to a visitor who has already visited a similar page. Therefore, e-books are a concentrated targeting channel that will increase the conversion rate.

  1. Opens the door for email marketing and social media marketing:

We, the online marketing strategists, do not give away e-books, We Sell Them!

Yes! By selling an e-book, we collect the contact info and email ids of all our prospective leads. Some web pages ask for the postal address, company details, designation and what not.

While an e-book is working its magic, we get our datasheet ready for our next email marketing campaign and set our target market for SMM!

  1. Speaks of your company’s credibility:

The Neilson survey (2010) revealed that, on average, every visitor opens 89 websites per month. The survey also discovered that each viewer visits an average of six web pages on a particular subject.

To take the flip side of it, people switch between web pages because blogs deliver limited and isolated information. A company that delivers an e-book of say 10,000 words appears to be much more of an expert!

Instead of pushing them to convert through CTAs, e-books are the best path to building a good brand proposition.

  1. Multi-platform distribution:

As we have found out, e-books will provide you with a ready-made datasheet for email and social media marketing; e-books are also multi-platform distributable content. Your social media pages, emails, influencer’s pages and even as individual web pages; a single e-book can be distributed and generate revenue through multiple channels.

Where is the best place to market your e-book?

  • Multiple landing pages on your website
  • Separate landing page
  • At your own or an affiliated product launch
  • Free-gift with a purchase
  • Social media profiles
  • Guest post or by influencer marketing
  • Distribution among viewers for reviews
  • Email marketing

eBook increases conversionBut what are the best topics for e-books that my customers will love?

  • Case studiesPeople love real stories as those increase credibility. Generate an e-book with the top ten case studies within your organization. This will give the visitors practical solutions to their problems as well as demonstrating your brand’s credibility.
  • Before/after comparison: Take a hot selling topic and develop a detailed e-book on what it was like 20 years ago or what the future looks like. People always love this type of content as it helps them make predictive decisions.
  • Whatever you write; write it for free: Until you get a substantial number of social followers or you’re giving away something really unique, keep it free. E-books work better as a sales magnet for other products than they do via direct selling.
  • ‘How to’ is always dependable: ‘How to’s’ are the most searched type of content on the internet. Make a list of the top searched ‘how to’ queries over the internet and write an e-book about them. ‘How to’, ‘Complete process of’, ‘Step by step guide’, ‘Things you should know about’, ‘The ultimate guide’ are few good actionable long-tail keywords for a guaranteed increase in traffic.
  • Guest writing attracts customers: 87% of Australian buyers say that celebrity posts or content from someone specialist in their field will positively influence their purchasing behavior. If not the whole document, try to include a celebrity post in part of your e-book and mention it somewhere on the cover page or the description.
  • Collect questions, answer them all: Analyze your business, customer reviews, your competitors’ profile and gather the most searched queries regarding your niche. Create an e-book based on answering those questions. This can be one of the most useful e-books for increasing conversion.

And now let’s look at‘how’ you should create your best-selling e-book:

  • Create a schedule: Instead of publishing instantaneously, schedule a certain date and time and start a countdown on your website and social media profiles. This will generate a sense of importance and anticipation in your audience.
  • Title matters: it’s statistically proven that titles that include numbers and triggering keywords like ‘free’, ‘sure-shot’, ‘best’, ‘new’ ‘proven’, ‘secret’, ‘actionable’ can bring up to 230% more traffic to the site. Also, try and choose a color scheme that suits your niche. Neon colors on a software development company’s e-book or ash grey on an event management one would not go down well.
  • Multilingual posts work very well: keep a keen eye on your e-book traffic and distribute them in terms of demographics. Try to generate multi-lingual versions of your e-books for the demographics that generate the maximum revenue. This is a marketer’s favorite trick!

So, this was a complete guide to the how, why and where of e-books to help you increase your website’s conversion by leaps and bounds. The rest lies in your zest. Best of luck dude!

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