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The Positive Impact of Google Ad Extensions on Your AdWords Ads

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Would you spend more on a given keyword of your choice or less? Although the answer is obvious, the real charisma lies in attaining your AdWords results with fruitful outcomes.

Google Ad Extensions

In this article, let us explore what AdWords extensions are and how incorporating them makes a huge difference to your well-defined strategy.

Google AdWords Ad Extension: What is it?

Google AdWords ad extension is a tiny piece of information that sprinkles your ads with additional helpful information. Ad extensions are further subdivided into unique categories that offer different types of information depending on your business that lets you target relevant customers.

Although a little bit of effort goes while setting up an ad extension, it is well worth the effort. You not only see a gradual improvement in your ad performance but you are also able to better position your brand which indirectly improves your ad ranking.

Do you need Ad Extensions

The simple answer is yes.


Ad extensions help your business reach more customers by giving people, the opportunity to interact with your brand even before they land on your page.

Isn’t it interesting when your ad highlights additional information such as your 90 days return policy or the free shipping that you have on offer?

As per Google, ad extensions not only help you click through rate, it also increases the likelihood of conversions resulting in lower cost per click and improved campaign performance.

The different kinds of Ad Extensions

  • Call extensions
  • Price Extensions
  • Review Extensions
  • App extensions
  • Price extensions
  • Location extensions

Ad Extensions Recommended Practices

Extensions help your ads be more targeted to your relevant customers. Thus it is no brainer to make your extensions as relevant as possible.

We have seen a few of our clients back here being worried if having ad extensions increase the cost of advertising on AdWords. The good news is, Google doesn’t charge anything extra for adding Ad extensions.

Yes, you get it for free and it doesn’t charge anything extra. You just pay, what you are already paying for clicks. That being said, an ad extension lets you communicate more information to your customers at no additional charge.

It is always recommended to make your extensions as relevant as possible.

Google, in a bid to help more of its advertisers, has the policy to show extensions to people only when it deems it might be helpful and relevant to your customers. Thus, it is a win-win situation for everyone using extensions to reach their customers.

Do you use ad extensions in your AdWords journey? Share your experience by commenting your thoughts in the comment section below.

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