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Ten Proven Strategies to Turn Your Visitors into Customers

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What is the biggest challenge that you face when growing a successful business?

It has to be converting your website visitors into customers!

Ten Proven TechniquesOften, potential customers keep items in their cart but then abandon them without making a purchase. Infinite Conversions reports that “over 80% of abandoning visitors never return.” This might be due to several things like poor site speed, high shipping charges, communication gap, poor customer service, etc.

If you are struggling to turn your visitors into customers, it’s time for you to identify these loopholes and work on them. You cannot sit back and relax if you want to optimize conversion. Harness powerful marketing strategies to begin a more rewarding journey for your company!

Research suggests that 98% of website visitors do not convert to buyers. The bitter truth is that these kinds of visitors won’t grow your business. Your ROI will only increase when your potential customers purchase products.

Business today is heavily dependent on digital marketing. If you implement powerful marketing strategies for your brand’s promotion, your ROI is bound to increase.

Let’s explore ten proven digital marketing strategies which you can implement in your marketing campaigns to turn your visitors into customers:

10 Proven Strategies to Turn Your Visitors into Customers - Infographic

  1. Build a transparent website:

Do you want your customers to trust your brand? Make sure your website is transparent. If you put yourself in your customers’ shoes, will you be able to trust a brand whose website lacks adequate information? Customers will trust your brand only when they get detailed information. Customers can easily trust the websites of big brands like Amazon, eBay, etc., as they are transparent and trustworthy.

Alternatively, trust badges and logos play an important role in building trust. When first-time visitors will find out information about your brand, this will motivate them to trust your brand and make a purchase. So, it is extremely important to make your potential customers feel secure and comfortable.

  1. Display testimonials:

When you have testimonials displayed on your brand’s website, they give your visitors an idea about the quality of the products that you offer. Sharing the experiences of other customers with new website visitors helps to build a relationship of trust.

When your potential customers read the testimonials, it influences and inspires them to make a purchase decision. With testimonials, you can convince your visitors to convert. 92% of customers read online testimonials and 72% of them believe that testimonials motivate them to trust a brand.

  1. Create chatbots:

Chatbots are an effective way to engage customers. With zero communication, you cannot sell your products. Your potential customers may have lots of questions regarding your brand’s products or services. It is your responsibility to give them a platform where they are able to reach your brand and post their queries.

Customers don’t like to wait, so chatbots serve as an effective communication tool, which enables potential customers to get quick replies to their questions. With easy interaction, you can facilitate visitor conversion. Chatbots help to enhance customer experience. For example, eBay’s ShopBot helps customers find the items that they require. This gives the customers a seamless shopping experience.

  1. Offer free gifts:

Free gifts can tempt your customers to make purchases. A “buy 1 get 1 free” offer encourages customers to buy. You can also offer your customers free trials so that they get to know your brand. Alternatively, offers for first-time shoppers can also be a smart marketing tactic to turn your visitors into customers.

  1. Optimize the site speed:

If visitors see that your brand’s website is taking a long time to load, they will simply leave the website without checking out your products. According to a GlobalDots report, a one-second delay in page loading reduces conversion by 7%. Slow site speed makes prospective buyers feel insecure about the online payment process.

They then feel less confident about making a purchase decision. As site speed greatly affects online conversions, you can use tools like Google page speed insights and GTmetrix to optimize your site speed, improve your site’s performance and enhance the audience experience.

  1. Use the FOMO strategy:

If your potential buyers experience the fear of missing out (FOMO) on an item which they desire, they will end up buying that product. If you can create an atmosphere of urgency, the countdown clock will tempt your visitors to make a purchase. Who would want to miss out on an incredible item which is available at a great price for just a few hours? Utilize this FOMO strategy and turn your visitors into customers!

  1. Use exit-intent popups:

Exit-intent popups play a crucial role in converting visitors into customers. With these popups, you can hold your visitors on your website and engage them for more time. Exit-intent popups can convince customers to make a purchase.

  1. Optimize your landing page:

Your landing page can be an effective marketing tool to help you convince visitors to buy your brand’s products. Make sure that the design of your landing page is good enough to appeal to your target customer base.

  1. Offer free shipping:

Often buyers like a product and save it in their cart but then abandon the cart when they realize that they have to pay a shipping charge. Shipping charges really pinch customers hard. If you don’t want to lose your prospective buyers, say no to shipping charges!

  1. Create a customer loyalty program:

With customer loyalty programs you can engage your potential customers with your brand. When you offer your customers loyalty rewards, it gives them a reason to purchase from your brand. Starbucks follows this strategy to drive customers. They have a loyal customer base because of their customer loyalty program. So, create a customer loyalty program today to convert your visitors into customers.

Do you want your brand’s website to optimize conversions?

Are you ready to turn your visitors into customers?

Utilize these effective marketing strategies and bolster your sales!

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