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Ten Conversion Secrets from the Best Online Retailers

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Are you experiencing a low conversion rate on your e-commerce site?

If yes, this article will help you boost your conversion rate.

Either way, there is always room for improvement so follow these secret tactics from the best online retailers if you want to optimize conversions.

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For a successful online business, you need both traffic and conversions. As the “customer is king”, you must find ways to attract customers to increase conversions. With effective marketing strategies, you can successfully attract visitors to your brand. Once you have increased the number of visitors, your next task is to optimize your conversions.

The big brands like Amazon, eBay, etc., are pros at increasing conversions! Amazon led to 43.5% of total e-commerce sales in 2017, followed by eBay with 6.8% of sales in the same year.

If you want to boost conversions, you can follow the smart tactics of the big brands.

So, you must be wondering what their conversion secrets are?

Let’s explore ten tactics which the best online retailers use to boost their conversions:

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  1. Multiple payment options:

When customers see multiple payment options, it influences them to make a purchase. Giving credit and debit card options as well as PayPal and Apple Pay will help you to improve the customer experience.

Did you know that Walmart accepts both cash and cheque? This tactic helps Walmart to generate higher conversions.

Even if you do not accept cheque, make sure you offer other payment options.

  1. Freebies:

Giving away freebies attracts customers. Make your customers happy by offering them freebies when they purchase products. This is a method used by Every year they make about 300 million online sales and their “Give a Gift” option plays a major role in driving these sales.

When you value your customers, it will encourage them to buy your products. You can also create online contests to give away freebies. This will attract customers and encourage them to engage with your brand. That’s how to optimize conversions. 

  1. Free shipping:

A study conducted by eConsultancy affirms that “[f]free shipping was the most popular motivation for 82% of UK and 80% of US consumers.”

When customers see that they don’t have to pay extra for shipping, it triggers a buying decision.

REI, a US-based retail store, earns $318 million per year and a major part of this is because they offer free shipping.

If you want to bolster your sales, start offering your customers free shipping. 

  1. Optimized page loading:

When a page takes too long to load, customers tend to abandon the website. What’s the use of having a website if visitors leave without seeing your products?

Reports suggest that 57% of visitors will abandon a site if the page load time is three seconds or more.

33 major retailers have reported that decreasing their page load time from eight to two seconds lead to increased conversions. Shopzilla increased their conversion rate from 7% to 12% by speeding up their page load time by five seconds.

So, speed up your site to enhance customer experience and increase conversions. You can use various tools like Pingdom and Google PageSpeedInsights etc., to analyze the speed of your site. 

  1. Social proofs:

Using social proofs on your site helps to instill trust. Customer reviews encourage potential customers to purchase products or services. Customer reviews help to build trust. uses customer reviews and these have led to a 12.5% higher conversion rate. This implies that social proofs can fuel your conversion rate.

Express Watches increased their sales by 58.29%by including a review widget. You too can increase your conversions if you add social proofs to your site.

  1. Mobile-friendly site:

Reports say that by 2019 there will be around 11 billion mobile users. So, if you want to increase conversions and sales, you must optimize your site for these mobile users.

  1. FOMO:

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a smart marketing tactic that can convince potential buyers to make a purchase. The prospect of missing out motivates viewers to become purchasers. Amazon and many other big companies create a sense of urgency to boost conversions. 

  1. Discounts:

If you are struggling to get better conversion rates, offer good discounts on your products to attract customers. Discount coupons can do wonders. Reports suggest that 86% of customers will try out a new product if they are offered discount coupons.

  1. Guarantees:

By offering guarantees you show how confident you are about your products. From a money-back guarantee to a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can offer your potential buyers effective guarantees to amplify your conversion rates., an online store based in the Netherlands, increased their sales by 41% after offering guarantees.

You too can follow this secret tactic to increase your conversion rate. 

  1. Wish lists:

With a wish list, you can boost your online sales. You can remind your potential buyers about their wishlists when they are about to leave your site. The Australian yoga apparel company, Dharma Bums, optimized conversions by using wish lists efficiently. Besides, you can remind customers via email when their wish list items are on sale or back in stock and turn your visitors into customers.

These conversion secrets from the best online retailers can be very effective in increasing your conversion rate.

So, why wait?

Follow these ten conversion secrets from the best online retailers and boost your conversions!

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