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Proven Ways to Get Your Brand Noticed

What should your next step be after you have successfully created a brand?

As a marketing professional, you must have effective strategies to ensure your brand becomes a household name.

In an era where many brands are evolving and trying to grow, it is harder for your brand to survive. However, the digital landscape is a great place to begin marketing your brand. If you want your business to stand out in this competitive marketplace and grab the attention of consumers, leverage the various smart platforms to get your brand name out there.

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With the evolution of digitalization, bridging the gap between consumers and sellers has become surprisingly easy. As the “customer is king” who holds the key to a brand’s success, reach your customers by taking advantage of the various mediums that are known to boost brand awareness. Build new connections and engage your potential customers in your brand to create brand awareness.

A successful marketing campaign benefits your brand in so many ways. However, only promoting your products or services will not be enough to grow your brand. You must go beyond that. When you communicate your brand story in effective ways, it generates leads and makes your prospective customers curious about the products or services that will be on offer. An American business executive and author, Seth Godin, says, “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”

With advancements in the digital domain, you must always look for new ways to get your brand name out there. If you follow traditional marketing strategies, it might not impress your target audience. People love to embrace anything new, so come up with unique ways to take your marketing strategy to the next level. Red Bull, an Australian company, has successfully deployed a powerful marketing strategy. They promote their brand by hosting sports events all over the world and this helps their brand to attract global recognition.

Let’s explore some unique ways to promote your brand and get it noticed!

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  • Publish marketing content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn says, “Our mission is simple: To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” You can leverage LinkedIn’s platform to optimize your brand’s visibility. Over 546 billion people use LinkedIn, which serves as a powerful tool for building connections.

LinkedIn’s marketing strategy helps to optimize business growth. Besides creating your company page on LinkedIn and generating a company blog, you can publish press releases to promote your brand. It is a great medium to increase brand awareness. Coca-Cola is one of the many brands to have used LinkedIn to promote its marketing strategy.

  • Create infographics

As people respond well to infographics, you can use this tool to build your brand and promote it online. Infographics serve as an effective marketing tool to spread brand awareness.

Dynamic graphics will grab the attention of your prospective customers. For example, Kissmetrics crafted around 47 infographics, which caught the attention of 2,512,596 viewers.

  • Offer free stuff

Who doesn’t love free goodies? Customers are always delighted when they are offered free stuff and special discounts. So, arrange promotional events and distribute free stuff. Alternatively, you can advertise special offers or freebies via ad campaigns to tempt your target customers and make them aware of your brand.

  • Run a contest

You can run a contest and promise rewards to promote your brand. In the case of online competitions, you can ask your potential customers to participate in a photo or video contest and share the link with others to score votes. This is an effective way to spread brand awareness by reaching a wider audience.

  • Craft guest blogging campaigns

You can search for appropriate websites to submit your marketing content. Start crafting guest blogging campaigns and post your marketing blogs. Before you start posting on the most popular sites in your niche, write for smaller sites at first.

This inbound marketing strategy will help you to generate leads. Buffer managed to reach 100,000 customers within nine months after Leo Widrich, co-founder, finished writing 150 guest posts.

  • Leverage paid ads

You can increase your brand’s reach by using cost-effective digital advertising. To make your brand visible on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., go for paid social ads. This will help you to promote your brand name.

Trilogy Funding, one of Australia’s best mortgage broking firms, used Facebook ads to promote their brand. As a result, they gained  1,429 new email subscribers and 131 new inquiries.

  • Use live streaming

Both Facebook and Twitter launched their live streaming venture in 2016. Since its inception, live streaming has been an effective way for brands to connect with customers. Recently, live streaming has become an important part of marketing strategies.

Unlike traditional video marketing, which is expensive, live streaming is a cost-effective marketing strategy to promote your brand. This will also let you interact with your viewers and gather valuable feedback. Go live on social platforms to promote your brand. Dunkin Donuts is one of many successful brands who use live streaming for brand promotion. This strategy helped them to attract more than 36,000 viewers.

Seth Godin notes that “Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing right into your product or service.” This infers how important marketing is in promoting a brand name and identity.

So, why wait?

Take a small step forward today and implement these proven and unique marketing strategies to get your brand name out there. Also, take care to expand your brand’s life by strengthening and maintaining your brand’s consistency.

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