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PPC Vs SEO? Here are Reasons to Use Both

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Have you ever wondered the unique roles PPC and SEO play in the success of an online business? Though one might argue SEO and PPC are two different channels having unique roles, it should be understood they both arrive at a common platform.


Both PPC and SEO help attract people land up to your portal.

Many marketers struggle to make the right choice and often choose the one that suits their marketing budgets.

Have you often found wondering whether or not to combine these two together or sticking with one that serves the purpose?

This article offers helpful insights with an aim to outline how combining SEO and PPC can yield better results.

Use PPC data to your advantage

Have you been successfully running your PPC campaigns? You can use this data to better position your old SEO content that is lacking decent traffic nos.

Example, you can make the best use of your ad text to rewrite the Meta content and repurpose your old content to attract new leads. Brainstorm among yourselves to come up with new articles or blogs that help in attracting traffic organically.

PPC is a dynamic marketing model in which an advertiser [YOU] pay the publisher [GOOGLE, BING, ETC] a fee for each ad clicked.

Return Visitors

Have you ever wished to uncover the secret behind the most successful websites/blogs in your industry? Well, a major chunk of their success lies in visitors coming back looking for more. But how do you ensure you get good amount of visitors coming back to your online portal at a regular frequency?

As per recent estimates, an average online user spends at least 6 hours a week when looking out for something of their interest. Most of the users do not remember the URL of the website they have last clicked.

One of the best-known workarounds is to retarget these users who have already visited your website through retargeting. Make the best use of your SEO and PPC skills to retarget these users as they scout other websites for more information.

Retargeting is a win-win situation as it helps users identify the brand that they have earlier visited. Make sure your website is navigation-friendly and you will see your visitors turning into potential customers.

Retargeting is an effective tool that mainly focuses on people who have landed before on your website and showcased an interest in your product while browsing. That being said, retargeted ads are not shown to people who have never visited your site.

Rest assured, retargeted customers have a higher conversion rate than first-time customers.

Long-Tail Keywords to your rescue

Long-Tail SEO Keywords can be a goldmine when implemented the right way. It not only helps in getting hold of that lousy traffic but also helps to better your PPC campaigns.

Keywords Research

Image Courtesy: Jungle Scout

For instance, people who search for [online calendars with kitty in the background] won’t see your ad for [printable calendar with sleeping], owing to your careful filtering of negative keywords.

Identifying the right keywords helps in reducing the number of unnecessary clicks. Long tail keywords, unlike their short peers, help in diving targeted searchers owing to lesser competition.

Pro Tip: Seasoned professional marketers understand the amazing benefits that one gets when long-tail keywords are blended with SEO strategies.

For those of you who have difficulties in differentiating the keyword lingos, long keywords are those that have more than three words and short ones are limited to one or two words per search term.

Branding your way through

Thoughtfully prepared campaigns help you reach a large customer base. It is a good practice to develop your PPC and SEO campaigns with branding in mind.


Image Courtesy: Bython

Make sure you develop information that is not only intriguing but also concise and to the point. In the fast-paced online world, not everyone is interested in wading through wads of information.

Branding helps you reach optimum success in the long run. If you have just launched your website and see your visitors trickling away, do not worry. It takes time and effort to build a brand.

Once your name is established, people will be more comfortable in checking out your various offerings which will eventually turn them into paying customers.

Always ensure, your website gives the right information relevant to what is being shown in the ad when someone comes looking through.

Fresh SEO Plan

Have you ever wished to build a foolproof SEO plan and wondered where to begin? Well, behind every successful campaign underlies the right selection of keywords. And with PPC in place you know which keywords help you attract relevant traffic.

SEO action plan

Make a list of these keywords and have your team run through brain-storming session to plan new blogs that are relevant to your industry.  This helps you build natural backlinks to your blog that will gradually push your SERP rankings to a better position.

Get these techniques on the floor and you will be amazed how good SEO and PPC integrate when executed with the right blend of keywords.


Some marketers think of PPC and SEO techniques of being different from one another. Nevertheless, we hope you have now understood how these two techniques are similar rather being something different.

That said, when you run your campaigns with this outlook, chances of you discovering unique data that you weren’t exposed to earlier might be sufficiently high. You not only get to know your customers at a better level but once can use this data to better their PPC campaigns to get better and optimized results.

Do you have a different experience when planning your PPC and SEO strategies? We would encourage you to share your thoughts by commenting below.

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