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Mastering Your Success with PPC B2B Lead Generation Campaigns

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What do third-party software, hydraulic cylinders and precision cutters have in common?

Nothing much, but the above three examples are B2B products which companies can sell effectively using PPC advertising services.

PPC B2B Lead Generation

Pay per click system is helpful in enabling companies to capture hot leads in an efficient manner. It is rightly said, when the target market raises its hands showcasing their interest through keywords, it makes sense for the sellers to effectively advertise their products/services through advertising mediums.

The innate beauty of keywords lies in the very fact that B2B companies can target the right market with the right keyword unlike earlier era wherein they had to hop-in to a tradeshow to gather those new leads.

Lead PPC expert Dave says, “Pay per click advertising can be one of the most effective forms of inbound marketing when used the right way.” Dave further explains, “PPC platforms are more exciting than tradeshows taken all together. One doesn’t have to deal with carrying wades of documents and presentations.”

This article is written with an intention to help one understand how PPC services and B2B markets can be interrelated. Finally, we will review some amazing PPC tricks to help you kick-start your B2B PPC campaigns.

Before we Begin

If you are into B2B, you very well know your audience is much smaller than compared to the off the shelf B2C product.

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The reason why B2B products have a tighter market is you tend to target other businesses, unlike B2C market. Due to this, one might see the keyword search volumes varying widely when compared to the other general products.

For example, you will find the search term ‘t-shirt’ getting more search volumes in a day than a ‘hydraulic cylinder’ in a month.

This is due to the fact, B2B market tends to be a unique subset of the overall population.

Who is the right B2B buyer?

Unlike B2C, B2B buyers are different. Your unique buyer could be one among the many people working in a company. For example, your B2B end customer could be the CEO of the company or someone working with the senior management team.

Whatever your goals are one should design PPC ad campaign with right keywords and optimized landing pages to achieve desired results.

Are B2B Buyers Different?

Yes. B2B buyers are different and are usually better informed about their choices. They tend to do a lot of comparison shopping and this explains the importance of having the right information precisely curated to strike the chord when the customer lands on your site.

One useful way is to include detailed case studies whilst peppering your landing page with white papers to help your customer take the right decision.

Last but not least, unlike B2C, B2B customers tend to have a longer sales cycle. Thus one needs to understand, PPC is an investment that bears its fruits over a period of time.

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