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Lead Generation Techniques to Growth Hack Your Business

More than one in five B2B businesses reach out to their prospective clients using multiple lead generation techniques around once a week. Content marketing is the most widely used marketing channel; used by 83% of B2B marketers, to be precise.

John gets up at 6 a.m., stays at the office for 8 hours and goes to sleep at 8 o’clock. By this time, he receives, let’s say, 100 irrelevant promotional emails. How many does he actually open? Two or three? Four, if his day has gone really well?

Yes, John’s experience is the same for all of us. The days of cold calling and mass-mailing without a targeted marketing channel are gone. But, don’t worry, we’re here today to share some independent lead-generation techniques that will automate and accelerate your business growth in today’s market landscape. A proper lead-generation strategy must incorporate different marketing channels, one technique can work as a magnet for the other.

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Here are the strategies that we want to share with you today:

  1. Share success stories from influencers:

For example, let’s look at Twitter; Medium has shared two statistics about visitors who have not directly engaged with a tweet. Visitors are 2.7 times more likely to buy from a brand that tweets about a product that they are looking for. Also, the rate of purchase increases by 5.2 times when the tweet comes from an influential celebrity.

Therefore, try to incorporate reviews, brand endorsements, interviews or success stories from your niche. Interviewing key people such as the CEO, MD etc. of your company can help you to build a stronger customer relationship. Inspirational quotes, ‘ask us anything’ tags on social media and ‘lesser-known stories’ are excellent ways to increase brand engagement.

  1. Leverage the virtues of video marketing:

55% of people who have online access watch online videos every day. And, crucially, Cisco says that by 202080% of consumer intended traffic will be in the form of video marketing.

Video marketing is the future. In 2014, Dr. James McQuivey from Forrester Research said that a video of one minute is worth 1.8 million words.

Build a perfect video marketing strategy by:

  • Understanding the end objective of the video
  • Determining the topic and structure of your video and how it adds value for your customer
  • Deciding who the face of your company will be
  • Your employees
  • Your directorial management
  • A celebrity and influencer
  • Professional agency
  • Satisfied customers
  • Creating a series of videos that will keep the audience interested and be wanting more
  • Deciding on the suitable channels for the promotion. Remember, this can vary from video to video and even among multiple stages of one video
  1. Customer reviews are the best form of dynamic content:

Dynamic content influences the SEO points and SEO authoritativeness of a website the most as only this can compel the search engine to crawl a webpage more frequency.

In contrast to static content, dynamic content changes on a daily or weekly basis based on customer behaviour. Dynamic content is directly related to customer preferences, customer behaviour, and recent business trends.

Reviews and ratings, email content, blogs, the number of customers served etc.are all good examples of dynamic content.

Why is dynamic content better than static content for lead generation?

  • Dynamic content provides more user-friendly content
  • It is compatible with different types of website layout
  • It has a direct impact on conversion rates, email databases and bounce rates
  • It does not require nurturing post-publication

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  1. EBooks and best practice guides:

In 2018, eBooks represented25.8% of the total amount of books sold worldwide. This is in comparison with 12.3% in 2013. With the steady success of content marketing, eBooks and best practice guides are the two most consumed types of content. To benefit your readers and your own organization, make a content bucket containing the strategies your competitors have used and how those tactics have influenced their business.

Substantial content like this, with good keyword marketing, will help you to rank higher in the search results and increase your brand’s reliability.

  1. Make your CTAs stand out:

Ragan says that the inverted pyramid is crucial for marketers. The inverted pyramid shows you how to format your website so that the CTAs, and pieces of content immediately above or below them, will be the highest priory, followed by headings and body content. This structure should be followed for both website content and email marketing.

What makes a good CTA button?

  • Use purchase intent keywords like ‘get’, ‘try’, ‘free’, ‘now’
  • Green, orange and blue work the best as CTA button colours when in sharp contrast with the main page colour
  • Write in the first person
  • Sharp-edged CTA buttons work better for technical, manufacturing and software development. Rounded edges work better for fashion, lifestyle, medical and design websites
  • Make the text large and legible
  • Leave lots of white space around all sides of the CTA
  • Keep the CTA length between two to five words long
  • Always try to place it above the fold

 Now, here are some add-ons for you:

  1. Create all your content so that it can be shared and reused on different platforms and in different ways.
  2. Email marketing and newsletters are excellent ways to build a sales funnel.
  3. Make use of social proofs.

While most marketers choose to show ads on web pages, 70% of visitors either ignore or close an ad. Ad blocking has increased 30% since last year. Therefore, keep believing in your content and keyword marketing as this brings in 78% of local searches even for offline purchases.

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