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How Google’s Search Results is set to Change the SEO Landscape Forever

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Google – The Search Engine Giant has been making lot of changes of late. According to leading marketers, not all of them are good.

SEO Landscape

For instance, one change that has caught attention of many is the way results in the search engine are displayed. Users are seeing fewer image results than they earlier used to see. Another noticeable change is the alignment of image boxes and video carousels.

Lead marketer Dave explains, “Although search engines make these changes keeping user experience in mind, its impact is largely felt among SEO marketers.”

Why Google is an important aspect of SEO

SEO optimization is an important aspect and involves adding content in a way that gets detected by search engine majors such as google’s web crawlers.

One can optimize the content by having relevant keywords sprinkled strategically throughout the text. That being said, a more versatile approach could be to have videos and images aligned neatly amidst the content that enhances users readability experience and the trust flow among search engines.

However, the new updated algorithm is expected to change the trends.

Dave comments, “Only with time, we can arrive at the right conclusion, if the new update has a positive or negative user experience.”

How well do you find yourself embracing the newer updates from the ever-intelligent Google? Has your experience been a good one?

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