ATTN  Health Practitioners…

Want to 3X Your Revenue

in next 90 Days?

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Physios & Sports Injury

Get a Windfall of bookings. Nurture leads that pay more at lower cost per acquisition.

Chiropractors & Osteopaths

Convert cold prospects into a raving fan base requesting repeat consultations.

Counsellors & Therapists

Become a celebrity in your field. Have clients begging for your availability.

Specialised Caregivers

Grow your practice into a Powerhouse with 4X increase in Customer Lifetime revenue.

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What may be happening with your practice...

Doctors Competing

GPs love to refer MDs. Specialists take it all...

No Time to Market

You end up spending all your time treating patients. No time left for marketing.

Not Enough Clients

Leads and clients are hard to come by. Referrals are getting rarer.

Cancellations & No Loyalty

You get frequent last minute cancellations. Repeat clients are like a needle in a haystack.

Receivables playing Catchup..

Your pipeline is weak and unpredictable. Account Receivables struggling to keep up with ledger payables, which is ever increasing with rising cost of rent, insurance and operating expenses.

Why GrowBIG®? We are...

Not another Agency. Not Consultants. We Are GROWTH BUILDERS

who will transform your entire business...and take it to heights you never thought was possible!
GrowBIG® can help you achieve..

An EXPLOSIVE Growth experience!

We will use our proven processes and systems to drive a full-stack restructure of your current marketing and build a multi-channel revenue generation funnel for your practice.
Unlike our competition, we drink our own syrup! We will build your strategy. We will execute it. And, we will show you the difference ?

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Build Authority

We will establish you as a leader in your field of expertise. People would be hungry to learn what offer

Windfall of Clients

You will have so many high paying prospects booking up your diary that you will literally tell us to stop getting anymore!

Digital Campaigns

We will launch bullet-proof campaigns on Social Media, Search Engine & Directories to ensure people find you before they find your competition.

Recurring Revenue

We will help you establish a sales pipeline that runs on Automation. More repeat clients = less time and effort in marketing = more bottomline.

More Referrals

GPs in your locale would look out for opportunities to work with you. They would generously hand over those (missing) referrals

+ Revenue Streams

We will work with you to create multiple revenue streams and offerings that you could potentially upsell your clients – want fries with that?

The GrowBIG® Approach..

Generate Insights

Who is your ideal client? What is their demography? How likely are they to engage?

Create Growth Strategy

A 3 month accelerator strategy underpinned by a 6 months growth building plan.

Build Reputation

Get people to start talking about you! Establish you as a celebrity in your field.

Customer Relationship Management

Automate your bookings, followups, repeat consultations and keep your clients engaged. All on autopilot...

Targeted Campaigns

Get your ideal prospects to reach out, hungry for advice and consultation.

Sales Funnel

Help you build a robust sales funnel that nurtures cold prospects to a red hot client base.

After 90 Days

what you can expect….

Ballistic Growth

Rain or shine, your revenue will grow up to 3x. Cashflow will never be a problem anymore.

Kickass Reputation

Don’t be surprised if people (who may have never visited you) suddenly start recognising you on the streets. You will be a leader in your niche.

24/7 Sales Pipeline

A fully automated sales funnel that will collect, qualify, nurture and acquire your potential leads into repeat paying customers. Even while you are sleeping.

Multi-Channel Revenue

You business is only the tip of the iceberg. We will explore options for back end revenue generation that takes minimum ongoing effort, yet multiplies your bottomline.


Ash Bhattacharya


Ash Bhattacharya is a serial entrepreneur based out of Sydney, NSW. He is also an investor, and an expert in helping small businesses and startups take off from zero base design to achieve 7 figure revenue targets within a year.

He is also the founder of the 5th largest Autism Platform in the world called AUTISMAG® (with 200,000+ subscribers and revenue $2m+) and a wellness product company called The TouchPoints™ Solutions (which started 18 months back and has already grossed 8 figures).

With GrowBIG® Ash has helped multiple struggling practices reach new heights by exponentially increasing their bookings, reducing their cost per acquisition and creating multi channel revenue streams.

Do you want to see similar results for your practice? Ash would be delighted to work with you! Click the button below to book a 30 mins, free, no obligation strategy call with Ash

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What makes GrowBIG® Different

At GrowBIG®, we treat your practice as our own. As opposed to “Done for you” services which may provide some initial results but dissipate quickly, we rely on the  “Done with you” approach. 

While this may mean a bit more time and effort on your part, it ensures that you are in 100% control of your marketing and can cruise along in 5th gear, long after we are gone ?

We are 100% Results Based

We are Growth Builders. ROI is all we care about

We don’t hide behind intangibles like # of hours put in, or tasks completed. Only thing we care, about and measure is your Revenue!

We take Full Ownership

Unlike our competitors, we drink our own broth

How often have we seen consultants present a strategy and run away with a pay check? We will create a strategy and we will execute it with your support.

Direct Response Marketing

Drive highly targeted marketing campaigns designed to convert

We will set up campaigns that will attract seemingly unaware, cold prospects and nurture them to hungry clients looking for more.

We Navigate Tech Overwhelm

We take care of Tech while you take care of your clients

You and us! We will forge a strong partnership wherein we benefit from the best each has to offer. We take care of your tech & marketing, while you grow your practice.

Help YOU become Attractive Character

Coz, people buy product from companies and services from people

Our job is to make you a rockstar in what you do best. You will become “the face” in your field of specialisation.

Drive Automation in your Practice

From marketing to CRM - you'll be on Auto pilot

Automation will be the backbone of your business. From your bookings to Follow up to product upsells – your clients will be an engaged bunch!

Let's Growth Build your Practice

and make you a 800 Pound Gorilla in your trade..

How to Engage GrowBIG® and Start your Hyper-Growth Journey?

Due to the personalised nature of our service and amount of time we spend with each client, we can only take on a few clients at a time. So here is how you can engage us...


Click the Button to Book a Strategy Call with Ash

This will be a FREE, no obligation 30 minutes strategy call with our CEO (usually valued at $1650). During this call Ash will discuss your current business challenges and help you define a persona for your Ideal Client

GorwBIG® prepares a Free Strategy Report

Ash will work with his team to create a high level strategy with key objective milestones, specific to your business and current challenges. This strategy is yours to keep (even if you dont intend to work with us in future)

We set up a Follow up Strategy Session

During this call (or in person, if you are in Sydney), Ash will walk you though the blueprint on how we plan to scale your business and explode your sales. We will also discuss the commercial aspects.

You Choose us as your Practice Growth Partner

Most of our clients get so thrilled with the strategy outcomes and they want to start working right away. We hope you do the same.

Project Kick Off!

This is where the fun begins. The next 90 days would be the most exciting quarter of your Practice building career as you would work closely with us on a daily basis.