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Four Quickie Hacks to Freshen Up Your Old Website

As change is the only constant, everything is constantly changing and evolving around us. In this age of transformation, if you do not upgrade yourself and adapt, you will end up feeling old. Likewise, if your existing website is not upgraded along with changing technology, it will end up being outdated and abandoned. Who will visit a website which looks dead?

Websites play an important role in business and marketing. A good website is what drives sales. So, it is a professional’s responsibility to maintain a good website.

As change is inevitable, your existing website needs to adapt to the latest technology trends and embrace change. If your website has not been updated for a long time, it will look dull. In an era where people are attracted to anything new, your old website will just feel neglected. None will want to visit your dead website.

Do you want your old website to stand out amongst all the blooming websites?

Old Webiste MigrationDo you want to improve your website’s ranking?

Freshen up your website today to drive viewers and boost traffic.

Inject fresh life into your website with these four quickie hacks:

Four Quickie Hacks to Freshen up Your Old Website - Simple Image

  1. Repurpose your old content

As ‘content is king’, make sure your website’s content is compelling enough to drive your audience. Readers don’t like stale content which is no longer relevant. Update your website content and make it look fresh. Fresh content always helps to boost traffic.

You can also update your existing content and turn it into evergreen content to prevent it from fading away with the passage of time. Evergreen content is material that will always be of interest to your audience. If you have evergreen content on your website, you can re-share your posts on social media platforms and reach your audience base again and again to increase traffic.

Often your old website, which has been left untouched for ages, requires new content to update it. Production of ample content can become a daunting task.

So why don’t you breathe life into your old content and reuse it to freshen up your old website?

If you update your old content to make it look interesting and relevant, your website will rank higher in Google’s algorithm. When you update your website content frequently, it helps your website reach a new audience base. So, make sure to revive your old content.

Also, you can syndicate your posts to make them appear as “related posts” or “recommended reading”. You can also reuse existing data to create infographics to post on your website. This will help you to attract viewers. Furthermore, you can create fresh new articles by reusing old articles posted on your existing site. Repurposing old content is certainly a smart marketing strategy to freshen up your old website.

  1. Redesign your website

Along with website content, design plays an important role in driving audiences. Remember that it is the look of your website that visitors will see first. If your website looks old and outdated, it will not attract audiences. Your website layout should be visually appealing.

Follow the latest design trends and update your website design accordingly. Yesterday’s trend might not appeal your audience base tomorrow. With shifts in technology, people’s tastes shift as well. So, be agile and use the latest tools and templates to give your website a fresh look. Any redesign of your website will improve its SEO ranking.

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly

Decade-old websites without any upgrade will not please people who have evolved along with technological advancements. Even websites with evergreen content fail to boost website ranking if they are not updated to be mobile-friendly.

In this age of smartphones, make your website mobile-friendly to optimize its value. Statistics say that 80% of internet users are smartphone-friendly. So, tailor your website accordingly and optimize it for mobile access.

  1. Relaunch your existing website

If your website is outdated and its site speed is slow, your potential viewers will bounce away. If this is happening to you, look at revamping your existing site and relaunching it. Website relaunches optimize SEO ranking.

“Old school is cool” is certainly not applicable when it comes to an old website. Old and outdated websites are not appealing and fresh and will die over the course of time.

Do you want to combat the pitfalls of outdated websites to achieve a successful website ranking?

Now that you know how you can revamp and freshen up your old website, start following these quickie hacks today!

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