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Five Proven E-Commerce Tactics to Make Your Customers Buy

Did you know that your marketing strategy can impact your customers’ psychological behaviour?


It is the impact of an advertisement or marketing strategy, which influences their decision to make a purchase. While some buying decisions are based purely on logic, many are influenced by emotional triggers. It can be inferred that marketing and the human mind have a psychological connection. Statistics say that buying decisions are based on 80% emotion and 20% logic.

If you want to make your customers buy, you must understand the psychology of your target customer base and implement powerful e-commerce tactics accordingly. The Advertising Research Foundation concluded that “The emotion of likeability predicts whether or not an ad will increase a brand’s sale.”

When a brand’s marketing strategy has a positive influence on a buyer’s mind, it attracts the buyer and motivates him to make a purchase.

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Human psychology is a complex field. It requires a study of human behavior to better understand the emotional state of a buyer’s mind. Your work doesn’t end with positioning your brand in the e-commerce industry. It can be a daunting task trying to drive customers and influence them to make purchases.

Prior to publicizing your brand, ask yourself if your brand is good enough to attract your target customer base. If you are successful in creating a brand, that’s when your real work starts. Unless you implement powerful marketing tactics, no buyer will show any interest in your brand. Research says that 90% of e-commerce startups fail to survive.

This is because most of them do not know how to develop the correct marketing strategy. But, if you follow the most compelling and proven marketing strategies, you will be successful in increasing conversions and boosting your business growth.

Contrary to the traditional market, where salespeople use smart tactics to gain customers, digital marketers improve their sales techniques by using smart marketing strategies.

Now, let’s explore five proven e-commerce tactics to make your customers buy:

5 Proven E-Commerce Tactics to Make Your Customers Buy- Infographic

  1. Create an atmosphere of urgency

If you are a master of mind games, you will surely be successful in driving customers by creating compelling scenarios. Often customers will buy impulsively if they are emotionally tempted to make a purchase. When a customer sees an interesting product and realizes that there is limited availability, they won’t risk missing the item and will purchase it straight away.

If you want to boost sales, offer deals for a limited time period. When there is a sense of urgency, buyers will make a purchase. This will increase conversions and boost your business. Many successful companies like Amazon, eBay and others have used this strategy to increase their sales. The founder of Venture Harbor, Marcus Taylor, said that by inducing urgency he had successfully boosted sales by 32%.

  1. Offer free gifts on purchase

Free gifts are like the cherry on the cake. When customers get a free gift when purchasing an item, they are delighted. If you surprise your customers with free gifts, this sales psychology tactic will encourage your customers to re-visit your website and purchase again. Limeroad often introduces “buy one, get two” offer which excites their customers into buying.

  1. Provide free shipping

Do you want to enhance the user experience on your brand’s website? Make your customers happy with free shipping offers! Customers hate to pay extra for shipping. Often carts are abandoned when customers realize that they must pay extra. So, consider offering free shipping. You can also delight your customers by offering promo codes for free shipping. There are various brands out there which provide free shipping.

  1. Create an easy return policy

Customers used to have to battle with the problem of returning items. It is common for customers to buy a product and then need to return it. If the return process is not smooth, it disappoints and annoys customers. So, make sure you offer an attractive and smooth return policy.

This will help you to retain your customers and boost sales. Big brands like Amazon and Flipkart, all have simple return policies to make it easier for their customers.

  1. Be transparent and loyal

Develop a transparent relationship with your customers to make them more aware of your brand. If your brand shares detailed information with its prospective buyers, it will build trust. Give them value for money on the products that they buy and maintain consistency.

Make sure your brand has trust badges and logos to further build trust. Also, make sure your brand has a loyalty program. This will motivate your customers to remain loyal to your brand and re-visit for future purchases.

Here lies the power of e-commerce tactics in driving prospective customers and motivating them to buy.

If you want to boost conversion, implement smart e-commerce tactics to influence your customers to make a purchase!

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