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Five Important Questions Every Online Customer Wants You to Answer

Who comes to mind when you are designing your online shopping brand?

Customers, right?

The age-old business mantra, “Customer is king” infers that customers serve as the key to a successful business. Every business or marketing strategy revolves around creating value for customers. So, when you create your online business, focus on pleasing your customers in every possible way. Happy customers will help you to propel your business forward.

5 Important QuestionsCustomer satisfaction should be your first priority if you want to grow your business. When a customer visits an online shopping site, they often experience a ‘Hamlet-like’ dilemma while making their purchasing decision. A customer might like an item but they might also battle with a question in their mind: “To buy or not to buy?”

A customer’s mind is so full of questions. Customers are curious to know so many things about what you offer. To feel confident about a product or service, they expect their questions to be answered. So, it is important to build a transparent website and a strong customer support team to satisfy these customers.

Dealing with so many questions is not an easy task, however, you should be able to handle it well. If all their queries and questions are answered, they will have the confidence to make an informed purchasing decision. This, in turn, will strengthen your brand’s relationship with its customers.

It is not easy to trust a product without being able to check it out physically before buying. So, it is quite natural for buyers to have questions in their mind concerning a product or service.

They ask questions to feel more confident about a product or service, so it is your site’s responsibility to be transparent and provide detailed information through non-verbal communication. A strong support team should also be present to satisfy your customers’ needs. If you can make your customers trust your brand, your business will prosper for sure.

Let’s now explore some of the important questions every online customer wants you to answer:

5 Important Questions Every Online Customer Wants You to Answer-Infographic

  1. “What are the advantages or benefits that you provide?”

With the growth of the e-commerce industry, the internet is now cluttered with a myriad of online shopping sites. It is often difficult for a buyer to decide which site they should buy from, so they try to compare to find out what the advantages are of buying a product from a particular site.

If your customer asks about a product’s benefits, make sure you offer them access to an online help center or FAQ. This will clear up the customer’s pre-purchase doubts and reassure them that the product is right for them.

  1. “What will happen if a delivery is damaged or lost before getting delivered?”

Customers often wonder what will happen if a delivery is damaged or if the product gets lost before delivery. If they ask this sort of question in the help center, it is important to convince them that your delivery process is smooth.

Reassure them that, if such a situation occurs, your team will investigate the matter and try to find the lost item, and, if necessary, will re-deliver a new product at no cost.

  1. “How to return a product?”

Often, after delivery, customers feel the need to return a product they have ordered.  During their pre-purchase phase, they might want to find out about the site’s return policy. They might also battle with this question after receiving a product if they want to return the product for some reason.

In both cases, it is your responsibility to provide all the return policy details. Alternatively, your customer service team should also be active to provide the customers with detailed information about the return policy. Online shopping sites like Amazon, Zappos, Costco, etc. have amazing return policies.

  1. “When will the amount be refunded after the cancellation of an order?”

Customers often have questions regarding getting refunds after order cancellation. Especially, when a customer pays via prepayment modes such as credit card, debit card or PayPal, etc., they may wonder if they will receive the payment amount back before it goes for shipping.

Make sure your site provides information regarding its refund policy. It is very important to build trust so that customers buy from your site without having any doubt in their mind. If they ask any questions regarding this on your FAQ, your customer service team should be active to respond. Inform them about the types of refund and the time it will take for a refund to reach their account.

  1. “How to exchange a product?”

What happens when a customer receives a product and then feels the need to exchange it? A customer might change their mind and decide to exchange one product for another. A customer may want to know the process for exchanging a product after buying from an online site.

To satisfy your customers, provide clear details regarding your exchange policy on your site. Also, your support team should be responsive to customers if they call or leave a message wanting to know about the exchange process.

There are many other questions that customers battle with when deciding to make a purchase online. All that they want is value for money and detailed information about the brand’s policies. If you want to retain your customers and grow your customer base to skyrocket your business, be there for your customers.

Your job doesn’t end with the creation of your brand. The real challenge is satisfying your customers and building a life-long relationship with them. Always take care of your customers’ desires and needs!

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