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Eight Steps to Acquire Customers for Next to Nothing

The popular saying, “customer is king” suggests that customers are the driving force behind a successful brand. It certainly is essential to attract customers to keep a business afloat. For successful customer acquisition, identify your target audience, learn about their requirements, answer their queries or questions and promote your products and services thereafter. With the evolution of the digital world, reaching your audience base has become easier.

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Lots of people think that marketing requires massive investment, however, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket trying to attract customers if you implement the following eight marketing strategies:

Eight Steps to Acquire Customers for Next to Nothing- Infographic

  1. Design products or offer services that customers require

As a brand’s growth is dependent on customer satisfaction, you should first identify your target customers and understand their requirements. Delight your customers by learning about their needs and focus on tailoring your products or services. Your product or service must deliver value to your target audience. Affordable products and services are absolute bliss for customers!

  1. Amplify traffic

To promote your brand effectively and acquire customers, it is essential to increase traffic on your website. With the evolution of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and others, growing traffic has become easier.

Build or access existing platforms where you can interact with your customers and promote your business. For example, the popular community Craiglist has played a pivotal role in driving traffic to Airbnb. Airbnb’s series of posts on Craiglist helped to reach and attract a wider audience base. Also, active participation in Facebook groups to promote products or services helps to drive more traffic and win customers.

  1. Incentivise your customers

When it comes to acquiring more customers, it is a brilliant idea to offer them incentives. Customers were delighted when they were offered an extra 500MB by Dropbox. Incentives motivate customers to buy products. This, in turn, helps to grow your business.

There is a myriad of successful start-ups who have deployed the strategy of incentivising customers. Another way of doing this is to provide special offers or discounts to your customers if they share your marketing content with others. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in boosting business and winning customers.

  1. Leverage popular blogs or vlogs

If you want to accelerate the growth of your customers, you can promote your products or services on various blogs or vlogs. Building networks on these platforms is a smart way to acquire customers. You can interact with bloggers and vloggers and promote each other’s marketing content.

For example, the CEO of was successful in driving huge traffic. This success was precipitated by his relationship with influencers on YouTube and Tumblr.

  1. Guest blog on popular websites

Guest blogging is one of the most efficient ways to reach your customers and acquire them. When guest posts are published, they help to drive large volumes of website traffic and create brand awareness. Leo Widrich, the co-founder of Buffer, mentioned in an interview that his guest blogging strategy had helped him to acquire 100,000 customers.

  1. Sell in person

To accelerate your customer acquisition, you should engage in networking events and local groups. By using the right tone and language while promoting your brand, you can win customers. Selling in person can boost your business. Remember that zero-communication gap helps to grab your customers’ attention.

Unlike the conventional way of selling products door to door, marketing has become easier with the evolution of social networking sites. However, door to door marketing still exists. Apparently, even Airbnb applied this strategy which helped them get a flying start.

  1. Offer your products or services for free

If you want to acquire customers, you must put in the effort to make them happy. For a customer, getting things for free is like the cherry on the cake. You could always think about offering products or services for free in exchange for reviews, testimonials and free PR, which is an effective way to acquire customers.

Plan what to offer depending on your target audience. If the target audience is a group of students, you can drive huge traffic by promoting things via social media platforms. Also, if you target your products or services to business professionals, offer products or services for free in exchange for a ‘like’, share, review, retweet, etc.

  1. Reach out to friends and family

Lastly, promoting your brand amongst your friends and family will help you to acquire customers for next to nothing. You can count on them to support your efforts to market your products or services. Next time when you are in the process of marketing products or services, ask your friends or family to offer a review or testimonial for free to help grow your business and acquire more customers. This is indeed a smart way to earn more customers.

Now you can see that deploying these eight effective points could certainly help you to acquire customers for a very little cost. It doesn’t have to be expensive to market and sell your products or services. As long as you can provide value to your customers and satisfy your audience base through the implementation of these eight effective steps, you can successfully acquire customers and thus boost your business.

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