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Eight Intelligent Hacks to Convert Those Lousy Leads

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Isn’t it exciting and satisfying when you convert your lousy leads into customers?

You must have experienced this feeling if you are already running a business.

Lousy LeadsIf you are yet to start a business and want to learn how you can convert the lousy leads, you are on the right page.

This article will enlighten you by listing eight intelligent hacks to convert your leads into customers.

It isn’t always an easy task to satisfy your customers, however, with the implementation of effective marketing strategies, you can successfully convert your leads into buyers. In the age of online marketing, a myriad of e-commerce companies is competing to carve a niche in the marketing industry.

It is not easy to survive in this cut-throat competition and propel your business forward. However, you can utilize effective marketing strategies to generate prospective buyers and convert them into loyal consumers.

A website plays a crucial role in influencing a buyer’s purchasing decision. Often, prospective buyers abandon websites when they encounter negative experiences. Marketing Week reported that “research from big data specialist, Talend, reveals that 40% of UK online shoppers desert their basket at least half the time before completing a purchase.”

Customers do not trust a brand if its website is not appealing and trustworthy. So, make sure your website is transparent enough to generate leads.

Statistics say that, on average, e-commerce sites lose 75% of their sales due to cart abandonment. This is a burning problem for many companies. So, it is essential for business and marketing professionals to figure out what might drive away prospective buyers. Once you are aware of the loopholes, work on them and utilize effective digital marketing hacks to optimize your conversion.

Let’s explore eight intelligent hacks which will help to convert the lousy leads:

8 Intelligent Hacks To Convert Those Lousy Leads - Infographic

  1. Free shipping:

Often customers make up their mind to purchase an item online but then they leave the cart abandoned when they think about the shipping charge. This extra cost bugs customers, so they often change their buying decision! If you want to delight your potential customers, offer them free shipping. This will motivate them to make a purchase.

  1. Influencer marketing:

With influencer marketing, you can drive more customers and increase revenue. According to statistics, each $1 investment in influence marketing helps to raise $6.50 in revenue for businesses. This implies that influencer marketing is a powerful marketing tool to push conversions.

  1. Email marketing:

Email marketing is an effective medium to turn leads to sales. Your prospective buyers might hover over your site for some time and then end up leaving the site without making a purchase. But, you can nurture your leads and convert them into buyers by connecting with your prospective buyers via email.

  1. Video marketing:

Recently, video marketing has become popular. Syndacast says that 52% of marketing professionals believe video marketing leads to the best ROI. Video content appeals to prospective buyers and has a psychological impact on their mind. The evolution of live streaming has facilitated digital marketing. With video marketing, you can turn your audience base into customers.

  1. Guest blogging:

You can encourage your guest bloggers to write marketing content for your brand. This paves the way for the guest bloggers to embrace your brand’s story. With their blog posts, they encourage purchases. In this way, guest bloggers help to scale up leads and convert prospective buyers into buyers.

  1. Social media advertising:

Social media is an effective medium to market your brand. Statistics say that social media sites can produce 13% higher conversion than other mediums. This is where you can make your potential customers aware of your brand and share the latest information about your brand. You can create ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, etc. to acquire leads and influence them to purchase products from your brand.

  1. The atmosphere of urgency:

Sometimes buyers come across a product and they remain confused about their buying decision. If you create an atmosphere of urgency for them, they will be more tempted to buy. When prospective buyers realize that they have just a few more hours left to get the product, they will buy it immediately to prevent losing that item. If the product is not attractive and useful for buyers, they will not be interested in buying it even if you create a sense of urgency. So, make sure the products that you offer in this atmosphere of urgency are valuable.

  1. Giveaway contests:

This is an intelligent hack to convert lousy leads. Target a giveaway contest to your prospective buyers. Customers get excited when they are informed about giveaway contests. Such contests increase brand awareness and motivate people to participate. These kinds of contests help your target audience to experience your brand. Later, they might visit your site to make a purchase.

As customers are the driving force behind any successful business, it is important to convert your lousy leads into customers.

Follow these eight intelligent hacks today and skyrocket your business by acquiring more customers!

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