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Do Website Colors Have Anything to do with Conversions?

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Psychology of colors play an important role in website conversionsAre you using the right color scheme for your website?

Your site’s layout should be visually compelling enough to increase conversions so choose the right color palette for your website design.

Do you know that color boosts brand recognition by 80%?

Here lies the power of colors. The spectrum of colors that you use on your website can make or break your business!

Color is one of the most important components of a website design. As visitors form their opinions on a website within the initial 50 milliseconds, you must choose colors for your website wisely to attract visitors and boost conversions.

Color psychology is indeed an effective marketing tool to boost customer turnover. The use of the right colors will impact the human brain and influence purchase decisions. You can imagine how important it is to understand the psychology of color if you want to attract customers and increase conversions.

From the background color of your website to the color of its sidebars, everything is important in increasing your website conversions. Basically, it is the color of your website which reflects the personality of your brand.

When you build a website for your brand choose your colors based on what kind of product you are going to sell and who your target audience is.

Now let’s explore how you can increase website conversions by using color psychology:

  1. Go for blue to promote trust:

Most website designers prefer blue over any other color. Look at Facebook and PayPal! The reason why these websites have chosen blue is that it evokes trust and loyalty. Statistics say that 57% of men and 35% of women say that blue is their preferred color.

If your brand’s core values are reliability and trust, go for blue. Most banks, for instance, Yes Bank, Capital One, etc., use this color to make their websites look trustworthy.

Choose this color for your website if you want your customers to trust your brand.

  1. Go for red to attract visitors:

Red stands for excitement and power. It is one of the most powerful colors to attract visitors.

59% of retailers have used red for their company logos.

Red is one of the most effective colors to boost conversions.

Besides, this color stimulates hunger. This is the reason why so many fast-food brands use this color.

Think about brands like Pizza Hut and KFC, which have successfully driven conversions by using the color red for their brand and website design.

  1. Go for orange to give happy vibes:

Orange is a bright and vibrant color which instills confidence and creates a sense of urgency.

This color has a psychological impact on a buyers’ mind which triggers the purchase decision.

If you want to increase conversions like Amazon, go for orange!

  1. Go for yellow to promote playful feelings:

According to Business Insider, “brands use yellow to show that they’re fun and friendly.”

Yellow evokes happiness. This color has a sense of high energy. Various brands like Warface, Jacob O’ Neil, Mooze Design, etc., have used this color for their websites.

If you want to promote playful feelings, go for yellow!

  1. Go for green to evoke the feeling of wellness:

Green is an eco-friendly color.

If your website sells organic products or products which deal with nature, green will be an ideal color for your website.

  1. Go for black to create a sense of luxury and power:

Black is an elegant color.

Business Insider says, “Black, when used correctly, can communicate glamour, sophistication, exclusivity.”

If your brand sells luxury items, go for black for your website design. 

  1. Go for pink to evoke youthful vibes:

Pink is a warm color which personifies femininity. There are various brands selling products for women which have chosen to use pink for their website design. 

  1. Go for white to create a sense of freedom:

There is no reason to avoid white. It stands for freedom. Many modern websites use a lot of white space to create a sense of freedom.

Besides, it is associated with cleanliness. Most healthcare websites prefer this color above others as it gives a fresh and clean look.

Colors to aid conversions

Now that you know what the different colors stand for and how they can affect your conversions, choose the best color scheme for your website and skyrocket your conversions!

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