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7 Intelligent ways to make your WEBSITE stand out from the REST

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Ever wished to find some quick ways to gain more mileage than your competitor? Or, worried about your users exiting your website sooner than they have landed on?

7 intelligent ways to outshine your competition

Although search engine optimization plays a strong role in getting users to land on your page, if people find your offerings uninteresting or too generic, you might find your users exiting to a competitor which gives them an edge over your offerings.

So how do you make sure your business stands out from the rest? It is as simple as making some intelligent decisions that will offer you better insights into what your target market is behind!

This article offers you some amazing insights that have helped us better our client’s prospects despite the rapidly changing online world.

Let Creative Work Speak than the Content ALONE

It is truly said, “Your work speaks a thousand words than all your talk put together.” It is advisable to incorporate amazing creative designs that will help tune your user’s interest. However, enough care should be taken not to over-do or under-do it.

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Edwards, a leading content designer says, “Eye appealing creative designs are seen to increase user interest by as much as 13.1%.”

Doorway to Fresh Content

Fresh content should be your top-most priorities no matter which field are you in. Having fresh content, even if it is once in a while, gets you an amazing amount of traffic that one normally wouldn’t expect off.

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Make it a priority to offer lengthy fresh content to keep your users engaged that lets them come back wanting for more.


How often do we wander to YouTube to check out something of our interest or to watch a live review of the product of your interest?

More often than not!

This explains the power of videos.

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Richard, a successful online entrepreneur explains, “We incorporated an intro video on our homepage and we saw our user interaction rate increase by over 30.6%. And when our user interaction and likeability increased, we saw a further increase of 5%.”

Go through your competitor’s website and understand the elements that you believe are helping in drawing the necessary traffic. Develop a crafty video and see your user base skyrocket like never before.

Navigation Friendly

Is it important for a website to navigation friendly? No. It’s not just important but highly important and necessary.

Imagine how would you feel when you go through a website only to find yourself struggling to navigate? You might not think twice before happily exiting your way to a friendlier website. This explains the criticality of having a hippy-nippy navigational website.

Personalized Report

Words take a hit when it comes to explaining how good we felt when we were mailed a customized report.

Isn’t it?

Why not incorporate the same into your website?

Personalized reports help increase your email marketing response rate by as much as 17.9% that gives you an amazing edge on your competition.

Watch out for BROKEN LINKS

Ever heard of ‘that’ marketing guru impressing upon the need to uncover broken links from relevant websites and approach them with a link back offer?

Well, that might work for some, but we aren’t behind any marketing gimmicks.

Schedule regular audits and lookout for broken links on your website and Google will reward you with a better position for just this one simple task: ENSURING BROKEN LINKS ARE WELL TAKEN CARE OF!

What other unique ways do you find interesting to outshine your competition? Let us know your thoughts by commenting in the comment section below.

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