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7 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Social or Online Marketing Agency

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  1. According to HubSpot research, 61% of marketers stress that SEO or organic search is the most important inbound marketing strategy.
  2. Google constantly emphasizes the importance of page-dwelling time for better SERP ranking and Backlinko recently published that 1,890 is the average word-count of Google 1st page ranking content.
  3. Real-time object reorganization has become one of the key ranking factors.

7 Factors to consider before choosing a Social or Online Marketing Agency

We had just successfully completed a huge project… It was a long weekend as well, so both the parties; these digital marketing nerds and the happy client; had plenty of time to get over the boozy hangover…


We sat down and reviewed what we had done for our clients so far, what strategies we’d made, how we’d justified our KPIs… It was unavoidable to have this conversation without noting how drastically the digital landscape of businesses and ROI has changed in the last couple of years.

So basically, we spoke about what we’ve done so far to sustain all of our clients and also what the calls of the future are that a digital marketing agency in Australia must adapt to in order to keep pace with the roller-coaster of online marketing.

Here’s a checklist that we’ve made for our self-amelioration and to help you find the perfect Online Marketing Agency for your business.

The statistics noted at the beginning of this article have been taken into consideration while preparing the checklist:

1. The Agency History and Competency:

Though the concept of Online Marketing has prevailed over the digital world since the early 1990s, scenarios like the UK spending£6181 Million for mobile ads in 2016 have occurred only in the last decade.

  • Therefore, it’s always advisable to choose a digital marketing agency with over 10-years’ experience and with competent team-members, over a 30-year old company without any specialized resources for your niche requirements.
  • Check the certifications and the accreditations they have earned so far and their utilitarian significance.
  • Check who their previous clientele have been as this can speak for a lot, I must say.
  • Media coverage and special contributions not only highlight the agency’s reputation but also are authoritative evidence of the company’s excellence.
  • Also, Marketing, especially Digital Marketing, is a domain where quality speaks louder than quantity. Therefore, while checking the agency’s background, instead of the number of projects, go for the success-rate, client size and the client testimonials.
  • Always check the team’s strengths and structure before jumping in.
  • How many resources are getting involved in your project?
  • Is a customized team going to be formed?
  • What is the management structure and is there proper escalation support?

2. Case Studies Speak a Lot:

Here lies a massive responsibility of yours. Yes, evaluating the quality of a case study is as important as visiting that best digital marketing agency in person.

So, what are the ways you can, not just read, but read between the lines of a case study?

  • The more straightforward the objective and problem statement is, the more solid the case study is.
  • Check whether the target audience is specified or not before starting the project.
  • Look at how the KPI parameters are set (by percentage, numbers or business goal) and how far they are kept by the same means.
  • 71% of service consumers are likely to recommend a particular agency or online service to their acquainted people. Therefore, if possible, try to get references from their previous clients. Take our word for it; this tremendously stands for the authenticity of the project.

3. Their own online presence:

What should the most obvious agenda of a reputable digital Marketing Agency? Strengthening their own online presence, right?

Mmmm… This should be the case but practically, many are a thousand miles from doing so. Can you believe that less than 25% of all Twitter accounts are actually active?

Yes! It’s unbelievable but it’s true. And this number is supposedly enlarged by people from the digital industry as well.

So, which are the best ways that you can study their own online presence to determine their expertise?


WebsiteTake into consideration all the factors that you’d expect your own website to excel in when working with them. Page Speed, Backlinking, Sitemaps, Rich Content, Search Engine Optimization, Page Authority, and Navigation are the most prominent ones.
BlogTo 53% of all marketers, blogging is the most important marketing channel and, on average, websites with a blogging page, have 434% more indexed pages.

Check how many blogs they have, the uploading frequency, number, quality of backlinks and the overall SEO of the blog.

SEO and Outbound marketingA proper SEO with outbound marketing, if done properly, can do wonders for any business. There’s a recent trend of virtual stores and they are solely being run on online marketing. Check how much effort they are investing in their own online advancement before shaking hands for your own business.
Social Media PlatformsOver 50 Million SMBs are directly using their social media (Facebook) pages to drive new customers and to connect with the existing ones. Also, 1 million new social media users are getting added to this virtual universe every month. Therefore, being a win-win platform, the social presence and strategic interaction of the Digital Marketing Agency you’re going to involve, is a primary checkpoint.
Cross-channel Marketing96% of online users who comment on a particular brand or product do not directly follow their social media pages. Therefore, in 2018, a proper Online Marketing strategy should always run on multiple platforms and use a combination of multiple marketing strategies. Check how much they are following these processes for their own marketing funnel.

Do's and dont's while choosing a social or online marketing agency.

4. The resource-strength of the Agency:

Very philosophically, each and everything under the sun has its own merits and demerits.

Now, very professionally, the size of the company also falls under this stratum as well. If you go for a big Digital Marketing Agency in Australia, you’ll get a synchronized resource structure as well as a long management chain. If you opt for a small and concentrated Marketing Agency, you will get to have direct access to the grass-root level.

Now, it’s your call to decide which one of these two suits your requirements the best.

5. Charges Matter:

Money in business services varies weirdly. It’s a headache both when charged too high and too low. Before shaking hands with any Online Marketing Agency, do a thorough research online and get a clear view of what their contemporaries are charging.

Here’s the tricky thing!

If the Online Marketing Agency charges excessively high then they are either novice to the industry or are not aligned with the recent trends in digital marketing; provided they are not delivering something extraordinary.

Also, you will find many agencies or freelancers who will be ready to work on your project at a surprisingly low cost. These will be cost-cutting options, but we always suggest you go for registered organizations as the dependability always matters, doesn’t it?

6. Have an open discussion:

A perfect project finds the missing link between the client’s requirements and the company’s expertise. And, to meet these two ends, you need to meet or have a conference call with the agency first.

And yes, along with having the special chocolate mousse that is famous there, prepare two checklists; one with your expectations and another one with their expertise. Discuss openly and see how many grey areas you can find. This result will ease your decision; take our word for it.

Your ExpectationsCompany’s Expertise
·         What kind of business do you run?·         Experience and employee strength of the organization
·         What’s your end goal?·         Probable team for your project
·         Your budget factors·         Experience of your exact requirements
·         Platforms you want to cover·         Post-project support
·         Do you already have a digital footprint or not?·         Any hidden terms and conditions

7. The brand value:

This is a thing that will have quite a few ‘if’s’ and ‘but’s’ but, in the end, this is actually a practical thing. Though not so applicable to the comparatively smaller agencies; if you’re dealing with a larger organization try to choose an institute that has some social brand value. The clientele is not the most important thing. Availing service from an already socially established organization can help you link with their existing networks as well!

Day-by-day the relevance and usability of long-tail keywords are increasing; almost 50% of all the Google Searches that are made are done with 4 or more keywords… even before making a purchase from a brick and mortar store, 82% of the searchers look for online suggestions.

Digital Marketing is a sphere that keeps evolving every second that passes by. Therefore, while choosing the perfect Digital Marketing Agency for your own company don’t just go for theoretical excellence, prioritize on the basis of their dynamic attributes.

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