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5 Social Media Marketing Tricks Experts Wish You Didn’t Know

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Are you responsible for executing your company’s media campaigns? Ever wished you knew something else that isn’t known to everybody out there?

Social Media Marketing Tricks

Well, social media nurtures the unique needs of the market owing to its huge social base. It not only helps people get together, but it also helps businesses find prospective customers. Social media tools have successfully helped innumerable businesses generate quality leads with some intelligent decisions.

Irrespective of whether you are using twitter or facebook or any other social media tool, these techniques are written with an intent to cater to the broader market as well as underline the growing concerns among your peers.

Let us get rolling to understand what techniques do successful marketers wish you and I didn’t know to be taken advantage of.

1.  Have a Tight-Knit Social Media Marketing Plan

Let me begin with asking you a question. What is your social marketing plan? Or worst, do you have a social outreach plan?

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Many of the biggies out there take an ample amount of time in brainstorming for that perfect plan. This explains their ever enviable success. Back here at GrowthLABS, we take time in understanding our main goal and then work down to create mini plans.

These mini plans are like milestones that we take one step at a time to reach our larger goals.

2. Consistency

When did you do your last post? Do you find yourself yawning to post when you do not get expected views?

If you say yes, you need to incorporate something called BEING CONSISTENT. On the other hand, if you are being consistent in your social postings you need to keep continuing it.

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For those of you who are new or are used to post at inconsistent intervals, you should know consistency is the key to success.

Ensure consistency with the following three-point plan

  • Plan posting weekly or biweekly and stick to it
  • Publish different types of contents to enthuse your market each and every time
  • Incorporate Social Media Outreach into your plan at regular intervals

3. Be Choosy

Being choosy is one of the amazingly simple yet underused tricks to entertain your audiences. No, we do not mean you go and sweat it out finding that one thing that exists ONLY ON YOUR PAGE. However, it always pays to be picky about what your audience might love.

The choosier you are, the better your audience will shower their interest on.

Always ensure your content isn’t just entertaining but is also helpful and relevant to your audience.

4. Social Media Management Tools and Hash Tags

Social media management becomes a tedious task when you need to login to each and every native app and resort to manual work.

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However, with many helpful tools out there, you can use it to post one message that is automatically populated across different networks. It helps you save time, money and focus on the more important tasks.

Further, be creative in using hashtags that are also seen to be a helpful option to generate relevant traffic.

5. Contests

Did you just like the contest results your friend just shared on his/her wall? Well, there is more to it. Contests are one of the majorly used strategies to know and understand your traffic.

With careful questionnaires, you can get a glimpse of what actually your demographic market is up to which in turn helps you plan unique growth strategies.

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