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5 Major FaceBook AD Mistakes That Slow Down Your Online Success

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Worried about your Facebook ads not performing as per your expectations despite giving your best?

Do you feel like we have taken you by surprise and revealed your feared secret?

Well, fret not! We have something in store for you that, at the least, help you understand where have you been going wrong all the time.

Facebook Ad Mistakes

Back here @ growthlabs we have arrived at five major shortcomings that break new Facebook marketers to the brink of exit thus depriving themselves the world of wonderful social media marketing strategies.

1. Haven’t invested much of your time in understanding your audience

If you have just started out or have not taken your time out in understanding how your audience behaves in the social world, you might end up with subpar results despite the best of your efforts. One needs to give enough time for your ads to perform.

Image Courtesy: Marketing Land

Start learning about your audience using audience insights! This tool helps you with an amazing amount of information that you might not have missed. Ever wondered how Facebook gets its hands on so much valuable insights?

Well, the success of Facebook can be owed to two major data streams.

1.1 Self Reported Data

When I and you create our profiles or like pages of our interest, facebook algorithm intelligently picks up signals and matches our data with relevant ads.

1.2 Data Partners

Facebook enjoys an ever-growing well of intelligent data partners who go miles ahead in matching users with their purchase powers based on their external findings.

2. Targeting Parameters

Targeting is one such sensitive tool that should be correctly utilized. We have seen many marketers unknowingly or unintentionally end up under-utilizing or over-utilizing their targeting parameters. If you are someone who is just starting out, try to set the lowest bid without narrowing your market.


Image Courtesy: Content Harmony

This will help you gain some amazing insights into how your target market behaves. As you progress with your ads and your database swells, gradually narrow-down your target market while tactfully increasing your bids. It is advisable to use trial and error method while you work out to outshine your competitors.

3. Mistaken Identity

Have you ever wondered how Facebook ads differ from Google Ads? Well, unlike Google, people visit Facebook to interact with their loved ones.

We call this folly as Mistaken Identity.

You can overcome this with tweaking your landing page to offer something valuable for free in return for your subscriber’s email ID’s. When you have a sizeable email-list you can progressively take your customers through your funnel leading to a successful conversion.

4. Segmentation

Have you ever found yourself wading through a gigantic amount of useless data only to be disappointed? Well, not everyone needs every ounce of data all the time.

FB segmentation

Image Courtesy: SEO4ANYONE

What might be useful to one might not be useful to another. So how do we workaround to lay our hands on only the data we need?

The answer lies in CAREFUL SEGMENTATION.

Facebook uses multiple data points drawn from an impressive combination of unique customer data points. These data points help Marketers Bridge the gap between their offerings and the market needs.

5. Misaligned Funnels

At times, marketers get everything right yet seem to miss the crux needed to bridge the gap. If you believe you have got everything right, it is high time you start exploring your funnels.

Optimize your funnels on a regular basis to keep your pipeline well-oiled. Remember, your conversions are as good as your funnels.

BONUS: How do you get your FB conversions ticking?

  • Do your homework and work out which ads work best
  • Keep an eye out on TIME (Some ads perform at some time of the day)
  • Practice enticing your audience that leaves them wanting for more

Which Facebook strategies do you find interesting? What mistakes do you believe are holding you back from achieving your goals?

Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting in the comment section below.

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