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4 Juicy Tips for Meaty Organic Traffic From the GrowthLABS Stable

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Ever wished to have that organic traffic flowing naturally to your website without much effort? Before we dig into our juicy tips, let us understand what is organic traffic?

meaty organic traffic

In simple terms, organic traffic is the opposite of paid traffic. When someone finds your site through search engines they are referred to as organic since there weren’t referred by any site nor was there any effort such as paid ads to attract people to land on your site.

So how do you ensure you get a pie of this traffic and make your online presence better than ever?

1. Build Your Customer Persona

Understand and build your customer personas by digging more into your analytics information. If you are someone who is just starting out, you can use online tools such as Google Trends that has a great amount of valuable information.

Once you are better able to understand your customer persona, develop relevant content with buyer-intent keywords and optimize them to achieve better results. It is always advisable to develop and optimize content with your buyer persona in mind than focusing on SEO techniques alone.

2. Nurture your Blogs

Ever wondered why to blogs exist? Well, blogs are a way of communicating with people through helpful snippets or short articles written in conversational style. And when written with the right audience in mind, blogs gather momentum that betters the position of your site in SERP’s.

The best way to keep your site regularly updated is coming up with new content, industry updates and other relevant pieces of information that helps you strike the right chord with your visitors.

We at GrowthLABS nurture our blogs in a way that helps us attract natural organic traffic along with insightful interactions to keep our site visitors engaged.

3. Meta your Way

Meta descriptions are there for a reason. They help users understand what is there in store for them even before they land up on your site.

Although one might argue Meta descriptions are auto-generated and you believe in leaving this task to automation, think again! Strategically written descriptions help attract 16.3% more traffic as users are more inclined to click on something that captures their attention right before landing.

Another helpful suggestion is to include the search term for which you are optimizing in your meta description. This helps search engines find your content when someone initiates the search for that particular term.

4. Question your way to success

Questions are a great tool to encourage users to interact. Give prior attention when you formulate the question.

With right questions, one can come up as an expert in the field which also encourages users to post relevant questions. Participate actively in interacting, answering and questioning your users. Remember, interactions help build trusts.

And with great trust flow in place, you will naturally rank better than most of your competitors out there and you will be rewarded with consistent organic traffic by major search engines.

What more techniques do you use to increase your organic traffic share? Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting in the comment section below.

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