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3 Types of Traffic Explained – and the Mother of All Traffic

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3 Types of Traffic

In this video, you will learn what the 3 types of traffic are and how they are each different from another.

  • Traffic You Don’t Control
  • Traffic That You Can Control
  • Traffic That You OWN

BONUS: You also get to know, which traffic is also known as, ‘THE MOTHER OF ALL TRAFFIC.’

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How often have you heard the common cliché among online marketers and entrepreneurs ‘Web traffic makes or breaks the success of online businesses’?

In this episode, Ash Bhattacharya, the founder of GrowthLABS and a successful online entrepreneur, explains everything you need to know about the different types of traffic that is crucial for the survival of an online business.

Interestingly Ash comments, “Irrespective of the terms used to define traffic from various sources, it can be broadly categorized and segmented into 3 broad categories.”

1. Traffic You Don’t Control

Well, did you just ask yourself, what traffic could be categorized as something that I have no control over?

The answer lies right in the video 🙂

For those who love going through the content, let us break the ice.

Organic search results fall into the category of traffic which is outside one’s reasonable control. For example: You cannot control the likes and shares that you might get on your facebook post. Or you might find one post gathering more natural referral links than the other.

Some of you might argue saying, “That is not right; we have SEO tools and can pursue influencers as well as invest quality time in outreach link building.”

But it is also worth noticing, despite the best of your efforts you have no natural control on how things can work out. For instance, everything might be working well today and tomorrow Google might announce some algorithmic change/update that changes everything in the nick of a second.

Ash concludes by saying, “This never means you stop your SEO activities altogether. Although SEO should definitely be in your kitty, it shouldn’t be the only source of traffic that you majorly rely on.”

Let us move on to everyone’s hot favorite topic of discussion

2. Traffic That You Can Control

Paid forms of advertisements, social media campaigns and word of mouth referrals are something that one can beautifully control.

Ash says, “This traffic is largely under user control because it solely relies on the power of $$ that one spends in order to get the traffic of his/her choice.”

Paid forms of traffic lets you have control on each and every aspect of traffic that your digital channel funnel’s success depends on. You can not only control your target audience but can also define your volume by intelligent manipulation of data.

Ash puts it forth, “Paid forms of advertisements need to be backed up with proper strategy as it could turn out to be quite an expensive proposition in the longer run.”

“Brain storming and strategizing activities are well worth the efforts when it comes to paid traffic as the lack of it might end up leading one to cash flow problems,” explains Ash.

Let us move to our next amazing traffic destination which, when executed right, could end up being a goldmine of all traffic sources.

3. Traffic That You OWN

We will not blame you if you end up asking yourself, “But how can I drive traffic on my own?”

Ash explains beautifully, “You can OWN the traffic by thoughtfully designing your landing pages and giving a one of its kind experience that will convert your paid and organic visitors into your ever-growing bunch of online audience.”

Your online audience could be categorized into the following groups

  • Email subscribers
  • Online Followers
  • Social Fans
  • Contact Form Signups

Ash says, “With your audience, you can deliver them targeted messages whenever you want, however you want.” Well, isn’t that interesting and should be a part of your long-term strategy?

We hope you too are equally excited to build an amazing funnel of traffic that you can proudly call it your OWN!

Did you just ask yourself, looks good, but how can we convert our paid and organic traffic into our audience? Well, there is more in store for you.

Stay tuned and Ash will address this common concern among many of today’s young online marketers.

Feel free to pop in a ‘Hi’ or let us know if you have any questions by commenting in the comment section below.

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