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3 Important Online Marketing Hacks You Cannot Afford to Miss

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Ever found your marketing strategies letting you down? You tirelessly work round the clock and initiate your campaign with great expectations!

BOOM…!!! Everything falls apart!

important online marketing hacks

And you have no idea where have you gone wrong or what have you not done right L

Do not lose heart.  This article is written keeping in mind the ever-evolving marketing trends and the need to help one stay better informed.

Let us get started with the perilous marketing tricks that have yielded astounding results during our years of building and executing the most successful campaigns.

  1. Visual Platforms

Do you find visuals to be boring and distracting pieces of information that is better to be avoided or at the least kept at a bare minimum?

Well, think again!

Image Courtesy: Teaching How 2

Back here at GrowthLABS, our work starts after we have completed a thoroughly researched post. Yes! Skillfully designing amazing graphics takes time but it has far-reaching results that lead to amazing benefits.

Wondering what is the fuss about a visually appealing piece of VISUAL?

Read along!

With correct visual that matches the theme of the content, you get to increase your viewer’s readability score by 80%

People are better able to ingrain visuals into their brain than having to remember gigantic tads of information

David Summers, a leading marketing executive with 5+ years of experience says, “Visuals are an organization’s asset that plays a crucial role in the company’s overall success.”

  1. Visual Mediums

Did you just hear yourself wondering what might be the best mediums to reach your untapped customer base?

2.1 Videos

Videos have gained so much prominence than ever before. If your marketing strategy does not incorporate videos believe us you might be doing a disfavour to yourself.

Image Courtesy: Rol Cap

We have seen our conversion rates jumping by a whopping 23.1% just by including thoughtfully designed video campaigns helping us reach clients that we might have never thought off.

Examples of video marketing templates: Demonstration videos, how-to videos, DIY videos etc. It is rightly said; when you begin to think the options are endless…

2.2 Infographics

Ever wanted to get something in front of your target customers? Do it the infographic way. These intelligent pieces of helpful information can help compile the most complicated data in a way that resonates well with everyone.

It can help you reach your most revered influencer to bettering your chances of online success.

  1. Live Streaming

We know and understand how difficult it is when we have a bunch of new faces looking at us during live streaming sessions.

But did you know the success of live sessions can outweigh your worst fears?

It plays a very important role in redefining your overall target market. It helps you reach customers through the best-gifted marketing tool that anyone and everyone has: YOUR INNER VOICE.

At GrowthLABS, we invest our time in preparing live sessions to help our clients and customers voice their concerns and also to drop in few words of appreciations.

Guess what! This strategy has given us better results than all of our other strategies combined.

Have you come across or use other marketing techniques that have yielded good results? Feel free to drop in your comments and we will be glad to have you on board.

Ash Bhattacharya

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