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15 Juicy Ways to Find New Customers Online for Free

In this era of e-commerce marketing, every business is looking for intelligent ways to acquire new customers and boost their business growth. Most companies spend a huge amount on their marketing campaigns to grow their business.

Then there are times when marketing professionals spend a lot trying to find new customers but end up acquiring only a few. This is so annoying, right?

According to Adobe, the amount that digital advertisers spend on advertising has increased by 42%, but the number of leads generated by ads has only increased by 11%.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find new customers and grow your business without spending money?

Yes, there are a few juicy ways to generate leads online for free.

If you want to find new customers online for free you can try out some effective marketing strategies which won’t cost you anything.

Marketing your business, the smart way

Here we shall explore some of the customer acquisition strategies which you can use to find new customers online for free:

  1. Offer free trials:

Customers love to experience free service. You can drive customers to you by tempting them with free trial offers. This will give your first-time customers the scope to explore your product or service. If they have a positive experience, they might decide to try out your paid service in the future.

Netflix offers their first-time customers a one-month free trial. This helps them turn their prospective customers into paying customers.

You can use this marketing strategy to drive your customers into your marketing funnel.

  1. Use free social media influencer tools:

You can use free influencer marketing tools like FollowerWonk, TweetReach, BuzzSumo, etc., to reach your target audience and engage them with your brand.

  1. Attract customers by offering discounts:

Online discounts amplify customer acquisition. So, if you want your online customers to be interested in your product or service, offer the discounted items. This will not only help you to acquire new customers but will also encourage customers to make a purchase.

  1. Offer freemium:

Freemium gives customers limited access to a product or service. The free features attract customers easily and, if they feel satisfied with the product or service, they will be interested in trying the premium version.

  1. Go for guest blogging:

With guest blogging, you can promote your marketing content on several other blogs and create brand awareness that way. Widrich has acquired 100,000 customers for BufferAppby using the guest blogging strategy.

  1. Send email newsletters:

Try growing your email list and connect with your prospective buyers via email. Reports suggest that email marketing has the power to produce the highest ROI.

BuzzFeed sends email newsletters to their target audience to increase their site’s visibility and boost revenue.

This is how to build a relationship with your target audience.

  1. Blog on your brand’s website:

Try blogging on your brand’s website to publish free content for your potential customers. With blogging, you can drive traffic and generate leads for free.

  1. Create FOMO:

FOMO is an effective marketing strategy which influences buyers to grab the opportunity and make a purchase. When buyers see that a product is available at a discounted price for a limited time triggers the fear of missing out. You can create FOMO to win buyers.

  1. Arrange free webinars:

Host a webinar to introduce your brand to a wider audience base. Brainstorm interesting topics which will get customers to stick around. With the webinar strategy, you can attract new customers and promote your brand.

  1. Run online contests:

You can run online contests by leveraging social media platforms to drive new customers to your brand. As customers love to win prizes, they will be interested in participating in online contests. This will engage your customers with your brand.

  1. Leverage LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is one of the most effective professional platforms for marketing your brand in professional circles. Create a company profile on LinkedIn and build partnerships with other business owners in your niche. You can leverage this platform to connect with your audience base.

  1. Create a customer referral program:

You can trigger customer acquisition by creating a customer referral program. Make your existing customers happy by offering them free samples of your products so that they recommend you to new customers. Quality referrals will drive a new customer base for your brand.

  1. Display social proofs on your brand’s website

When new visitors browse through your website, they will only trust your brand and make a purchase decision if your brand’s website is authentic.

New customers will be motivated to try out your product or service if they see social proofs on your website. Positive feedback from other customers will give them the confidence to engage with your brand further and will motivate them to return to your website in the future.

  1. Go live:

In the age of video marketing, you can try going live on social media platforms to promote your brand.

These days, people spend a lot of their time on social networking sites. You can leverage these platforms to market your brand and grab the attention of your target audience. This will help you to find new customers online and give your existing customers a chance to interact with you through comments.

  1. Incentivise your customers:

You can incentivize potential customers if you want to attract them to your brand. Be it free gifts or a complimentary service, incentivizing is a smart marketing strategy to acquire new customers.

Dropbox provides 500MB of free space to their customers for each new sign up.

You too can try incentivizing your customers to acquire more customers.

Quick ways to find new customers online

Marketing is not always about spending money.

You just have to invest some time if you want to acquire new customers without spending money on marketing.

Start by trying out these juicy ways to acquire new customers online and boost your business without going bankrupt!

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