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12 Email Subject Lines That Will Help You Surge Ahead of Your Competitors

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By the end of 2020, three billion people (almost half of the world’s population) will be using email.

And, by the end of 2019, 246 billion emails will be sent every day. Yes, 246 billion!

Emails have around a 20% open rate. But what’s stopping the remaining 80%?

A good or bad subject line will make all the difference.

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So, what are the key components of a good subject line?

First, make your content creative and unique. Also, be both informative and compelling to grab the viewer’s attention straight away.

Make it personalized; make it optimized; keep it focused on the content of your email.

Today, we will share12 great email subject lines from years of industry experience.

Let’s dissect this list using three categories and discuss: cold emailing, follow-up emails and targeted mailing.

Cold mailing:

  1. Did you know about [the technology your company works on/new product]?

This tactic works the best with customers who have interacted with your product before or have shown an interest in your competitors’ products. If they want to learn about the technology or the product, they will be compelled to open your email.

Have you done [goal/objective] yet?

This is the best way to make a recipient open your email if you can get their point of interest right.

  1. [Newly added benefits] of [your organization]

Here the targeting is really broad and will let all prospective customers know what new benefit has been added. If your segmentation is not very concentrated, you won’t know which customer was waiting for this exact benefit.

If you want to make this email targeted, get help from customer feedback. Ask customers for their suggestions for improvement and notify them accordingly.

  1. [x number of tips] on [customer pain point]

If you want to share blog style content and your primary objective is to increase your brand and product awareness, this type of content works the best.

Studies suggest that content with numbers in the heading result in a 500% increase in click-through rate.

  1. Wait! If you are struggling with [common pain point]; you’re not alone!

It is human nature to feel more secure when there is a community of people with similar pain points to you. This subject line not only makes the customer feel comfortable but also shows your brand’s credibility, instantly informing the reader how the problem is being solved and reassuring them that you have the answer to their concern.

12 Helpful Email Subject Lines

Follow-ups or continuation mail:

  1. Perhaps you are not expecting this right now, but…

Sometimes it really pays to think outside of the box. This kind of email is sent when there is client interaction going on, you want to push a new product or service, or you are sending a set of follow-up emails.

This email subject line will keep your customers guessing and will compel them to open the email. If they do not open the email, they won’t know what the company is trying to tell them.

  1. Let’s have the call at [time] on [date] for [duration]

This subject line holds its importance in the last part, the duration. In this era of speed and tight schedules, your prospective clients are attracted to the proposal that takes the least time.

This technique works in a few ways; Firstly, this type of leading statement strengthens your communication and gives your opportunity to connect a specific direction. Also, customers generally trust content with numbers and statistics.

Targeted mailing:

  1. I got your details from [mutual acquaintance]

94% of marketers who have used non-celebrity influencer marketing have seen a positive impact on their ROI. If you get a peer-group reference, mention his or her name in the subject line. The more trustworthy the reference, the better chance of conversion.

  1. Greetings [Name]![question that provokes a sense of need and urgency]?

The best way to get an answer is to ask a question. Kick off your email with a question that will address what a customer might be lacking.

Also, using a question in an email subject line keeps several paths open for the main body of the email. These could include the solution to the question, brand or product endorsements and various lead magnets.

  1. Did you find what you were looking for?

This is best used for website visitors who have bounced. This email should be triggered twice: a couple of minutes after they bounced and as a retargeting campaign.

  1. Want to see [targeted viewer’s company name] making 10x in revenue in just six months?

This is a conventional way of catching a reader’s attention. Using this technique, Salesfolkacquired 16 new successful B2B leads.

  1. Were you also at [a place, conference or any coincidence] last Friday? (Personal targeting)

This method works surprisingly well for startups and B2B businesses. It is not only used for emailing someone you met a few days earlier; this template can also be used to build an affinity with someone you have found from somewhere like LinkedIn.

  1. This year, your annual target is [X]

A blogger is stuck with an ideal word count; an SEO analyst is stuck with SERP ranking; all that a businessman is fixated on is annual revenue. In the end, we are all focused on numbers.

Here, the combination of personalization with numbers works wonders. Divide your entire mailing list into two or three segments according to business size and put the target amount accordingly.

Most people prefer to hear or read about themselves and what you can offer them specifically than hearing general points about your product or service.

Whether you are just a beginner at email marketing or you need to put some extra sparks into your existing email content, each of these templates is one of a kind. Let us know which one you like the most!

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